Thursday, February 5, 2009

Try GUI on Java (Eclipse)

For working Java GUI with Eclipse use Jigloo, you can downloading path Jigloo in website that eclipse. So you can install Jilgoo on Eclipse with open your Eclipse, at help menubar,. choosy submenu Software Updates -> Find and Install,.. look at this picture :

Click Search for new feature to install, if you first install on Eclipse. Click next

Click New local Site,.. your cursor at folder where your Jigloo save

After your Eclipse install, can use Eclipse to develop Java GUI. Create Project Java in Eclipse with right click -> new Java Project. In Folder scr make package with name myPakcage, so right click your mouse select new -> other -> GUI Form choosy Swing -> JFrame.

run class with ctrl+F11
good luck.. Neoriz


  1. pertamax gan, eh jiglo itu free ato bayar gan?

  2. to arros,.. jiglo itu free alias grotongan,....
    kamu bisa download pluginnya di situs eclipsenya

  3. mantep pak, tapi yang gretongan cuman buat personal use yaa... duhhhh...