Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Overview of PyPy

This may be foreign to you, but this is a fact. PyPy is a Python programming language interpreter written in Python and is equipped with a JIT compiler (just in time). PyPy development focuses on the speed of program performance, efficiency, and maintain compatibility with CPython interpreter. Using Python in PyPy development, the developers PyPy allows hacking of its implementation and identify any areas that require improvement. PyPy fact currently implemented as a high level language makes it more flexible and easier in the experiment when compared to CPython, and also allows developers to experiment on some form of implementation of certain specific features.

PyPy translation model also provides a general framework for developing and supporting forms to create a dynamic programming language, providing a clear separation between the specification of a programming language with aspects and forms of implementation. In addition, the PyPy provides a programming language Python that is compatible with CPython with the flexibility and level of performance is better.

whether it can be concluded that the programming language compilers much faster?

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